VIP (clients, vendors, top executives, special visits)

Sightseeing, monuments, museums, restaurants, drinks… We try to treat our VIPS as best as possible, but we hardly ever offer them some ACTIVE fun.

How about showing them our city from another point of view? Most people love to move and get outdoors. Especially if combined with good people and good food.

A great experience in the city center’s park, the mountains, the river, the beach, the ocean, the snow or the lakes around, will leave your VIP with a memory that will stand out from all the others they’ve ever had. A unique experience.

Remember when they took us hiking and sleeping under the stars with that fabulous red wine and the view of the sea in the Málaga mountains? And how about that time we went cycling straight from Madrid’s city center and stopped for that amazing paella in that little town?

Laughs, action and fun times for those who matter most to you.

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