What are we all about?

‘Memorable’ mem•o•ra•ble /ˈmɛmərəbəl/ adj. Worth remembering, easily remembered; impressive, noteworthy.

Memorable is when we have a true genuine experience. When we have fun and feel good with everyone around us, leaving us with that sweet taste that only authentic moments do.

At Sporty People this is how we think everyone should feel after any of our activities.

foto-perfil5 years ago, after a long time joining all sorts of sport related activities and trips with many different companies, I had a need to find true experiences. To feel, to really feel. From a football tournament and a picnic in the park, to a white water rafting adventure or a camping weekend on the snow. And also to share it with other people. People with whom to recall the anecdotes later. Because, what’s a good time if you have no one to laugh about it with a beer afterwards, right?

That’s how Sporty People begun, with a quest for authenticity and for community building, and to make it all possible in a natural and simple way. Two years later I quit my job as a Communications manager at an international organization to devote myself full time to achieving my goal. Getting people together to get active and share amazing times.

We’re open, passionate, healthy, curious, confident, creative and we search for the real thing. We like to explore and meet new people, so every time not only feels but actually IS like the first time.

How do we do it

We research, research, research and try, try try. We also listen to your experiences, your wishes, your ideas and your needs. We don’t work with big tour operators and commercial travel agencies, but with the retailers themselves. No prepackaged deals, no tourist-traps. Everything is handpicked by its charm and its quality and adapted to your particular case so it fits like a glove.

And money wise, no matter what your budget range is, we’ll always get you very special, top of the range plans. Because price and value were never synonyms.

Of course, we are available everyday by phone or email, to answer your questions, your worries, and to try accommodating any last minute change or request, any possible problem. We will be with you before, during and after the activity.

If you’d like to meet like minded people…

Since 2010 our group inside the Meetup platform has become a very active community of locals and expats living in Madrid who play, travel and have fun together. (

If you’re looking to join a great bunch of active and nice people, don’t wait any longer and drop by. It’s FREE, and you can join other member’s activities and also publish your own and get people to join you. At Sporty People, we also organize special activities and trips specially for our Meetup community, which are always great fun.

Great value plans and passionate spirits. Those are our unique secret ingredients.

Fore more information, contact us