Exactly what you want

Experience, the art of living through action

We believe exceptional experiences come from authenticity. A personal climbing challenge, a scubadiving weekend with a new love, a bowling family reunion, a wild camping adventure with friends, a park obstacle bikeride with the kids, an employee fun day out… 

We handcraft your event from its raw ingredients, just like we do for ourselves. Researching, comparing and negotiating with individual providers. No prepackaged deals, no tour operators or commercial travel agencies, no conveyor belt plans.

We make you live, not look. It’s all about feeling the moment. No passive sightseeing, you can find that on documentaries. We’re here to bring you real and genuine.

We create your experience before, during and after, as if you had organized it yourself, but without the effort and time. We pride ourselves on producing high quality events that fits your vision so our proposals can be modified with changes, big or small, to get it just right. Adapt, change and request anything you need. Think of us as your alter ego when it comes to active fun.

Tell us EXACTLY what you want