Schools and Universities

From kindergarten to PhD, a healthy lifestyle means rich education and long lasting social circles. We make sure we design the activities especially for you and your particular scenario, no prepackaged deals.

For Teachers and Schools/Universities

  • You’d like to add an ‘active’ or ‘nature’ touch to the next school activity

Visiting Madrid or touring Italy are great field trips. But what about giving the tour guide a day off, putting down the museum’s earphones and leave the souvenir shopping for tomorrow? Take a day to discover the less known and experience the adventure and the beautiful nature so close to us, in and outside of the city. We can do a scavenger hunt of the 21st century, a kid’s favourite. Uploading the GPS points and clues on our smartphones. if you’re on your way to Santiago de Compostela, take the kids to the hot springs in Orense. Or if you’re heading on a bus trip to Paris, stop for a day of kayaking on the National Park of the Pyrenees. Or bring the troupe up the snowy Peñalara mountain, less than one hour from Madrid city center, for a day of snowshoeing, igloo building and sledding. Every school excursion should have a wild side, the kids love it, no matter if they are 7 or 25.

  • You’d like to shake up and shape up your school’s image

We can help you organize, coordinate and execute a special sports or outdoor event. We can also work with you to implement a sport/outdoor activity calendar. It could be during a certain project you’re applying for (obesity, integration, stop-bullying) – or during a whole school year, the summer months, etc. We can organize activities also for families, a fantastic way to reinforce the school spirit of the whole community. You can also decide which activities the school will fully or pratically sponsor, and which ones the students or their parents will pay NEW!! We can create ‘Your School’s Name’s Active Social Network’, online and exclusive for your students (and their families, if you wish so), where they can easily post their own activities, look for activities posted by others and join all sorts of fun plans with their colleagues.

  • Wanna help those in need inside your school?

We’ll create with you a special event or a calendar of activities, especially targeted for those people with special needs: disabled, financial problems, social exclusion groups, etcWe can also organize fundraising events with an ‘active’ side. Moving your body to raise money benefits the participants and benefits your cause.

For student clubs and organizations

Do you coordinate or belong to a club and would like to ‘activate’ it? We’ll make sure never before your social group has had more anecdotes to share. We will get your members moving and in shape, making new friends and having a great time.

Fore more information contact us or tell us exactly what you want