Offer your customers what no one else is offering them

Whether is on a work trip, a convention or a pleasure getaway, visitors love to feel like they belong, like they experienced the real life on the city, with the real people that live in it. We will give them genuine and unique. We will organize the activities exclusively for your clients and no one else.

We create experiences that will match the same standards as your own. Always impecable quality and great value for their money, regardless of the budget. Our staff speaks all major languages fluently, they are highly educated, well traveled, polite, caring and fun. It’s no wonder all our clients leave the same comment on our site “Thank you, it’s definitely been the highlight of my time here”.

We’ll take your guests swimming on secluded waterfalls, so secret that no one else will take them to. And pamper them with a 5-star picnic with only natural ingredients, local dishes and the best wines. Or maybe they’d prefer a sunset run through pretty streets and squares in the city center, out of the tourist routes, ending with a drink and a delicious bite to eat in a special place that doesn’t appear on travel guides.

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