Sport social network for your staff NEW!!!

This is our newest and most innovative service, a great value to your business social atmosphere.

We will create ‘Your Company’s Name’s Active Network’, online and exclusive for your workers (and their families, if you wish so), where they can easily post their own activities, look for activities posted by others and join all sorts of fun plans with their colleagues. All for free!

The community will be lodged on Meetup’s platform and will be private and accesible only with user name and password, or through each worker’s Facebook account.

The network’s image will be adapted to your corporate colors, fonts and logo.

At Sporty People, we will cover the costs of the platform and the maintenance of the site at all times.

We are also very good at organizing activities, so…

As an additional service, we can provide you with a calendar of events designed exclusively for your particular scenario: number of workers, type of business sector, geographical location, work calendar, goals and philosophy and any other particularity of your company.

We will plan and execute all sorts of sports and outdoor activities for your workers, and their families, if you’d like that option. Since this would be a private service, we can quicky react to last minute changes and special needs.

It’s tailor made for you so you get to decide:

  • Just for staff or for their families too?
  • How many activities per week?
  • Weekdays, weekends or both?
  • Which types, traditional sports, outdoor sports, just for fun?
  • Would you also like sport-related trips?
  • Do they pay themselves, do you wish to sponsor partially, do you wish to sponsor fully?
  • How often would you like to sponsor one activity fully?

Possible aspects of the activities:

  • Geographically located close to the office, the city’s center and the close-by outdoors
  • Lunch time activities next to the work place: yoga, running, swimming, dancing, rollerblading
  • Weekday evening active gatherings close to the office: bowling, bootcamp, running sessions, football matches…
  • Special ‘Hot Summer Sun’ afternoon activities for companies which have reduced hour shifts during the summer months.
  • Weekend outdoor events: hiking, kayaking, rollerblading, wild camping, rock climbing, lake sailing, snowboarding, …
  • Seasonal trips: snowboard, sailing, hiking, surfing
  • Family-oriented activities: adventure park, kayaking, baseball game, city benefit race
Fore more information contact us or tell us exactly what you want