Corporate responsibility

Associate your company name with the words health, active, outdoor, fun, happy…you can help non profits, schools or other non-commercial entities

If you’d like to SPONSOR

We’ll develop the activities and present them to you and the desired non-profit, depending if you’d like it to be a one-time event (your company sponsors a Christmas hike for the National Organization for the Hearing Impaired) or if you’d like to schedule a more permanent collaboration, with recurring activities during an entire year, a summer, a shorter term…

If you’d like to help RAISE FUNDS

You may be interested in helping a particular cause. We can organize for you a massive benefit scavenger hunt to raise funds to build an indoor sports court in a local school. Or you might be more interested on promoting science in these difficult times. We could oragnize a series of theme bike tours around the city, to raise funds for a research group struggling to finance an important obesity study.

Not quite sure WHO to help?

We’ll sit with you and go over different options until it clicks and you find The One. That entity that needs your help and shares the same vision and values as your company. We’ll work with you to find the best  match for your business philosophy and your target, helping you make it possible from planning to execution, including communication.

Fore more information contact us or tell us exactly what you want