If you are looking for a really efficient type of training, a personalized, intensive and fast method that will push your mind and body to achieve results, then BodyBeast © is for you.  Invest your time, effort and money in something that will accomplish what you want, that will make you be the best version of yourself.

  • 8 – week program, START start every month

  • Ex British Army NCO, Yoga Instructor and Fitness Trainer

  • ‘Homewordk’ and Make-over classes for periods like Christmas or Easter holidays

  • BodyBeast © is the perfect union of the efficiency of a personal trainer + the fun of a group class

  • 100% Personalized exercises & nutrition adapted to your individual goals, schedule and lifestyle. Reviewed every week

  • Face to face outdoor 1h weekly sessions and evaluation in El Retiro Park

  • Only 20 people to guarantee personal attention

  • If you can’t make it on a particular day, we’ll have periodic make-up classes on weekends

  • BodyBeast © is a genuine 100% Sporty People developed program




Options :

Gary the coach, key to sucess


Gary, an Ex British Army NCO, Yoga Instructor and Fitness Trainer, with over 20 years experience (bootcamp, crossfit, extreme sports) speaks English and Spanish. He has developed, specially for Sporty People, a kick ass program that will have you panting and smiling all at the same time.

He’ll trim that waistline, pump those muscles, build your cardio endurance and, in a nutshell, get onto a good healthy diet and pave the path to a new YOU. Not in an uncertain distant future, but in just two months.

Gary’s method  works individually, in pairs and as a group, to make sure you give your 100% while keeping the levels of motivation, inspiration and listening to you at all times.

The results

BodyBeast © will be fast and intensive, making you sweat, pant, and still be coming back for more. It will build on your looks, stamina, endurance, agility and power. It will make you believe in yourself and gain confidence in ways you never experienced before. In 8 weeks you will be leaner, faster, stronger and longer lasting. Even your inmune system will be more resistant.

The program will work your cardio-vascular system, tone your muscles, lose weight, teach you to eat better and make your mind stronger.

How does it work

The Physical Assessment

The first BodyBeast © face- to-face session will be dedicated to checking your general state of shape, weight and body type, including a standard fitness test to gage your current fitness levels to be used in the future for weekly progress checkups. The test is based on British Army techniques, including a beep test and a variety of circuits.

The personal plan

The following day you will receive a personal form for you to fill out where we want you to tell us your goals, your work routines, your sport lifestyle, your food likes and dislikes, your weekly availability, your training spaces…. We’ll also ask you for a ‘before’ pic so we can compare it to the ‘after’, so you van be amazed at your progress after just 8 weeks!

After reviewing your answers, we’ll create for you a personal BodyBeast © plan. A training & nutrition 100% individual program for the following week that YOU have to do on your own. Gary will review and update each week after the face-to-face Tuesday session, to make sure you’re doing your workout properly.

You’ll stick like a soldier on a mission to this program. Additionally, you’ll be added to the Whatsapp group to connect to the rest of the group, get last minute notifications and have a direct chat with Gary any time you need.

The weekly face-to-face sessions

This unique small group classes will run on your chosen week day. You will be part of an elite fitness team while never losing sight of your own personal goals.

  • If one week you can’t make it on Tuesday, Gary will do Saturday make up classes

  • The 60 minute intensive training session will consist of group, individual,  and in-pairs exercises (see all details below).

  • At the end of the session there will be a time for individual personal evaluation, tips and corrections, group Q&A…

The Reward

After the 8 weeks, everyone will be evaluated and results will be given. If you’ve done everything like Gary tells you, you’ll be amazed at the results. Remember, don’t cheat on yourself, do your excercises, eat your food! And to celebrate we’ll go for dinner and drinks and dance and…

PRICE 120€ for 8-week BodyBeast © program – Please contact Carmen, your personal assistant at 667 396 767 or email


  • 100% Personal training program based on your state of shape, availability, goals, training space, etc

  • One face-to-face weekly 1h session with the rest of the team and Q&A time (possibility of catching up on a missed session on Saturday mornings)

  • Weekly face-to-face review of progress and update of weekly training program

  • Nutritional personalized plan

  • Direct whatsapp contact with Gary and the rest of the group for sharing experiences, asking questions, solving doubts, etc

  • Liability and accident insurances


Options :

What is BodyBeast © exactly?

Bodybeat uses a mixture of fitness training techniques based on British Army fitness training. This includes bootcamp and crossfit training, among others, always in an outdoor setting and regardless of the weather. It’s a fun and fantastic way to train your cardio and muscles intensively but in a safe and results-oriented way, with the added reward of a team-based activity. These combined techniques have been in used for thousands of years even by the Roman and Spartan Armies!!

Is it for me?

Of course! Bodybeat is for any level of fitness. The intensity relies on the number of repetitions, weight, speed or laps in any given excercise, so it can be 100% adapted by Gary to your level of shape and increse it gradually as you get stronger and fitter!

It’s great for enjoying group fitness, achieving the best physical version of yourself and socializing.

How will it benefit me?

  • Uses all of the body’s own energy systems (high fat burning)

  • Increases muscle growth, flexibility, strength, bone mass, and joint integrity.

  • Increases overall core strength & stability as well as a better immune system.

  • Relievies stress levels and pushes your physical and mental limits

What is it like?

Bodybeat uses a combination of exercises, running, sprints, obstacles and circuits to condition the body (and mind). Because we’re aiming to be real Beasts, sessions will be held in El Retiro park in all types of weather. We’ll never use the rain or the cold temperatures as an excuse not to train, but, on the contrary, as a bonus to strengthen the mind and body (those days, come to the sessions with warmer clothing and waterproofs).

The whole group will have an awesome experience outdoors, this will also give you the opportunity to socialise, exchange feedback, get to know your fitness partners and enjoy the pleasures of working out as a team, but with always with a focus on your personal goals.

Face to face training sessions

Duration: 1 Hour

Schedule (3 parts)

Warm Up

  • Consists of Static and Dynamic stretching exercises (Full Body).

  • Aerobic exercise (running in a circle).

Main Training

  • Interval Training: Running at a jogging pace (Aerobic), then increasing to a sprint (Anaerobic) for short periods, (Shuttle Sprints)This will also include short spouts of walking to gentle introduce the body to this type of training.

  • Resistance Training: Series of circuits, individual and in pairs. Checking up your progress from the previous week. These will change for every session, in intensity and type of exercises.

Warm Down

  • Consists of Static stretching exercises to warm down the body. Important to reduce the stress impact of training gradually, therefore relieving stress from the bodily systems.

Will we be attending any team events?

Yes, if you want to! After last spring’s super succesful Sporty People team at the Spartan Race (check all pics HERE) we’ll be attending the Spartan again, but also the Fisherman, Eternal Running, Farinato, and many more. Some will be held Madrid, some will make for a great weekend getaway trip!

How to get here

If coming by metro, take the RED line (Line 2) and get off at Retiro stop. Take the exit that goes straight inside the park, there’s a short tunnel. We’ll be right there waiting for you!

If coming by foot, it’s pretty close to the Puerta de Alcalá entrance, just get inside the park, walk close to the fence that runs along Alcalá sreeet and ask anyone for the metro entrance.

What to bring

Don’t bring anything you can’t carry with you, there’s nowhere to leave backpacks, extra jackets, etc. You’ll take everything with you so no extras! There are some water fountains along the way or you can carry a small bottle in your hand for the running part which you can place on the floor when doing static excercises. :)

Sign up for the 8-week program and feel the Beast within you explode into action!

Remember: Goals, hard work and visible results are the key to motivation!