From getting back in top shape after the winter to recovering from an injury, relaxing or learning self defense. What are you into?

Customize your experience to your every little need and wish: dates, location, level, personal circumstances… And to tune it up even more to your desires, you can choose do just a discovery experience, to go a bit further and take lessons or simply get more practise on your favourite activity.

  • Park Full Body workout

    Park Full Body workout

  • Bootcamp


  • Personal Defense

    Personal Defense

  • Parkour


  • Summer toneup

    Summer toneup

  • Anti Stress

    Anti Stress

  • Scavenger Hunt

    Scavenger Hunt

  • September Toneup

    September Toneup

  • Pregant & Afterbirth Toneup

    Pregant & Afterbirth Toneup